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License to use Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Logo The 'Pure Ceylon Cinnamon' certification mark can be used only on consumer cinnamon packs/value added products (Cinnamon in packets, bags, cartons, canisters tablets, pills, oils, oleoresins & extracts, fractionates, powder, paste, or in any other form o
Procedure for approval of sale / transfer / installation of x-ray machines / irradiating apparatus imported to Sri Lanka A separate form should be filled for each X-ray machine.
Procedure to Obtain Liquor LicenseTo sell liquor in Sri Lanka vendor should obtain liquor license, which is issued by Department of Excise Sri Lanka.
Procedure to get register as Taxpayer A person who intends exporting any articles of commercial value from Sri Lanka is required to register with Inland Revenue Department
Procedure to Change Taxpayer Registration DetailsThose who have already obtained a TIN Certificate and subsequently changed the name of their business or the address of the business premises
e-Manifest Registration for Freight ForwardersThis is the procedure to e-Manifest Registration for Freight Forwarders
Procedure for registration of ownership or change in ownership of rubber lands.Registration of ownership - Should be a cultivated land not previously registered under the Rubber Control Act. Changes of ownership - Lands registered under the Rubber Control Act but whose ownership has changed.
Procedure For Registration of Instituitions/ Individuals who export/ Domestically Consume Natural Rubber with the Rubber Development Department, For Levying A Cess on Natural Rubber under the Rubber Replanting Subsidy (Amendment ) Act No. 20 of 2006.Registration of individuals or instituitions who import or export raw natural rubber or rubber based products and manufacture rubber based products in accordance with the cess on Natural Rubber Regulation No 01 of 2007 under section 7 of the Rubber Replan
Procedure for obtaining a Declaration of True Natural Rubber Content in Rubber Based Products. This regarding the declaration of True Natural Rubber Content in Rubber Based Products.
Procedure for obtaining a Dealers License in Rubber.License is renewable annually.
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